Chipboard core panels
C3TTL - Light Grade
C4TTL - Light Grade
C4TTM - Medium Grade
C4TTH - Heavy Grade
Calcium Sulfate core panels
P3TTL - Light Grade
P3TTM - Medium Grade
P4TTM - Medium Grade
P4TTH - Heavy Grade
Special Systems
Micro System
Screw Fix System
Oversized Panels
Carpet Tiles
Rubber, Vinyl, Linoleum
Ceramics, Granite
Natural Parquet
UV Film
Evolution in Raised Access Floor Systems

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Accessories - pointing the detail
All the accessories needed to solve any problem of installation and plant engineering are important.

•  Access steps and flights (internal or external) covered with anti-slip rubber
•  Sectors or partitions to convey the air conditioned and separate fire-proof zones
•  Treading ventilation grids with adjustable air lock
•  Metal drilled panels, with adjustable air lock, for air distribution and recovery
•  Turret for electric and telephonic plugs.
•  Socket bearing frame to let the cables come out.
•  Suction caps, single or double, depending on the weight.
From laminated panels with bonded vinyl, carpet, ceramic or stone to a product supplied with an internal water circuit providing a heated access floor.
From a slot section, in the side of the panel finished with nylon brushes for cable access to an electrical box integrated in the panel.