Chipboard core panels
C3TTL - Light Grade
C4TTL - Light Grade
C4TTM - Medium Grade
C4TTH - Heavy Grade
Calcium Sulfate core panels
P3TTL - Light Grade
P3TTM - Medium Grade
P4TTM - Medium Grade
P4TTH - Heavy Grade
Special Systems
Micro System
Screw Fix System
Oversized Panels
Carpet Tiles
Rubber, Vinyl, Linoleum
Ceramics, Granite
Natural Parquet
UV Film
Evolution in Raised Access Floor Systems

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Oversized and perforated panels
From air diffuser panels to perforated panels with air leakage gaskets which allow the void to be used as an air plenum. From your demand on our experience, to your request for a specific or worldwide application we endeavor to supply the best system solution.
For solving different chalanges durig the installation process we can supply overised panels to 60 x 120cm. without distrurbing the rigidity of the system. These panels are oftenly used over holes or obsticals on the sytem grid and for avoiding very small pieces on the perimeter of the instalation area.