Chipboard core panels
C3TTL - Light Grade
C4TTL - Light Grade
C4TTM - Medium Grade
C4TTH - Heavy Grade
Calcium Sulfate core panels
P3TTL - Light Grade
P3TTM - Medium Grade
P4TTM - Medium Grade
P4TTH - Heavy Grade
Special Systems
Micro System
Screw Fix System
Oversized Panels
Carpet Tiles
Rubber, Vinyl, Linoleum
Ceramics, Granite
Natural Parquet
UV Film
Evolution in Raised Access Floor Systems

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Screw Fix (cornerlock) System
The cornerlock system is possible only with steel encased panels. It has a many application when looking for a solution of a case during the installation.

•  In areas with extremely heavy traffic.
•  With problems with finishing perimenter.
•  As closing to a glass facades.
•  As "cavity floor" for applying ceramics or granite on top.
•  For increasing the load bearing capacity of a system.

This sytem is supported by any JVP panel and is oftenly used while renovating areas with low height, like out of standart offices with ceramics or any other particular case study.

The load bearing capacity of the different panes usually increased
in terms of point load and durability.